Sandy Dunsford

Sandy is an avid reader and would be happy to make some recommendations if you stop in to see her at Coles in Midland.  She studied history at Wilfrid Laurier, and recently returned from a trip to England, where she found plenty of inspiration for her writing. She has done an admirable job in authoring The Good News for the Wyevale United Church.  As the youngest member, Sandy has a fresh outlook that she is excited to share through her contribution to the group's second book, Wye Write Again.
She loves chocolate, sunset walks on the beach and spending time with friends and family.

This excerpt demonstrates how first-person point of view helps the reader feel he is actually in the setting.

The days are hot but the nights are cool. The breeze floats in across the water brushing through the branches and leaves. A storm is coming, I can hear it on the wind as it picks up more force and whips through the air. I love summer storms. The air becomes crisp with the sound of wind echoing through leaves and rain pelting against the objects in its path. Driving rain and waves take over from the sound of chirping birds.
I also love the smell that comes after the rain. The air is pungent with the smells of freshly watered plants and wet grass.
I can hear the thunder now, though the lightning is still far off. The bursts of sound and light are a hundred miles apart at least. When I sit and listen to the thunder, count the Mississippi’s in between, I am reminded of my childhood. My dad taught me how to tell the closeness of the storm by counting 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi between the lightning and thunder. My mother told me the thunder was my Great Nana bowling in Heaven and that the lightning was God’s flashlight.
It’s amazing what parents will tell a fearful child to calm them. It is even more amazing what stays with that child throughout life. When I experience storms I will always remember my Great Nana and her bowling. I will always remember my father’s knowledge and my mother’s love.

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