Lyn Brown

Being somewhat shy, Lyn's favourite form of expression has always been the written word.  She began with memoir essays scribbled in crayon on the inside covers of a set of Raggedy Ann books.  Over the years, she has upgraded her composition materials, and expanded content to include various forms.  Before moving to Springwater with her love of thirty years, she was a sports reporter for a small weekly paper, and now writes the Orr Lake Currents column for Springwater News.  Her knack for professional writing serves well in her capacity as Media Coordinator for the Orr Lake Ratepayers Association.
She is very excited to be a part of Wye Write, and is proud to have her short stories included in the group's latest collection.

A dark beginning developed from the line ‘Let’s put if off ‘til tomorrow’,  a prompt for a ten-minute writing exercise.

“Let’s put it off ‘til tomorrow,” my daughter suggests, “It can wait.”

 ”We could, I suppose,”  I agree reluctantly.

I come from a long line of accomplished procrastinators.  People who are suspicious of anyone who thinks of life in terms of ‘the sooner, the better’.  Who wants to rush at life that way?  It passes by soon enough without trying to race through things.  Better to slow down, savour the moments, let the dishes pile up.  I’m not sure that I can pull it off this time though.  The urge to move, to do, is nearly overwhelming.  Still, I have my little girl to think of. 

I smile weakly and say, “All right then.  It doesn’t have to be today.  Tomorrow is just as good a day to die.”

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