Gail Gray Payne

Gail Gray Payne was born and raised in Simcoe County but has been fortunate to live in Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto on the way back home to Simcoe County.
Her first love is storytelling and she is a former member of the Durham Folklore Society.

A chance encounter with Patricia Boyle began her association with Wye Write in 2008.  "How pleasant it is to have the opportunity to work with talented writers and unfold our stories."

Rich family lore and a tradition of storytelling translate chillingly to the page in this excerpt from Wye Write, a Collection.

Snow was piling up and he was anxious to be home, but as he and his team came along the road running across the bottom of Murphy mountain he saw, quite suddenly, out of a blow of snow, a man walking towards him.  What fool is that out walking in this he thought?  He pulled the horses to a stop and brushed the snow from his brows so he could see.  The man wasn’t dressed for the weather but didn’t seem bothered with the cold.

 “Sonny Payne,” called the man.  That’s what the older people called my father-in-law

 “Sonny Payne,” called the man again and although the snow was blowing hard my father-in-law realized the fellow was familiar to him but not so he could put a name to the face.

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  1. What an enticing page! I look forward to future views