Carol Austin

Carol was invited to write a column for the Penetanguishene Citizen by the publisher, Andy Charters, in 1991. She wrote about the people and the landmarks of the La Fontaine area. When that paper closed Carol moved on to write for the Elmvale Lance and later for the Midland Free Press.  Her short stories have been published by Canadian Stories and Our Canada magazine. Two of her stories were published in the Canadian Stories Special Edition.

From April until October, Carol is the perennial specialist at Norman's Garden Gallery. Stop in and say hello to her there.  Carol and her husband Richard still live in Wyevale where they raised their children.

A wonderful example of how powerful flash fiction can be.

The days are hot but the nights are cool. The air is full of jazz. The rich notes of a saxophone vibrate through my body. People are gathering in the boulevard. I’m here again.

It’s been so long. This time I’ve come without Denny.

Alex is with me. He has his hands in his pockets. His shoulders are tense. He skirts the crowd to avoid the smoke. I ‘ve made a mistake.

 Denny would have slipped into the crowd pulling me with him.  Jazz was in his blood. He would close his eyes and his body would rock to the beat of the music. I can picture him laughing, putting a cigarette to his lips and tilting back his head to exhale; his eyes half closed against the smoke. We used to dance in the street and eat hotdogs.

“Alex” I say, “let’s go back to the hotel. Tomorrow we can rent bikes and ride along the river” Alex looks relieved and bends to kiss me. He’s here because I wanted to come and I love him for it.  

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