Patricia Boyle

Patricia freelances for newspapers and magazines, dabbles in song writing and has published three books, plus a cookbook called Anecdotes and Anecdates, a cooperative effort with a fellow group member.  She attends writing workshops and conferences and is a founding member of Wye Write. 

Patricia rounds out her life by playing cards, travelling, watching sports and spending time with her family.

Homework assignments, such as this one where each author wrote as a different character of the story, often produce humorous results.

I am Megan Dolan, Lucy’s best friend. At least I am supposed to be. What happens to brides? Let a perfectly normal, sensible person get a ring on her finger and she changes into some bird-brained idiot. Of course I never said a word to Lucy. She’s having a hard enough time balancing her mother’s and her father’s weird ideas without me hounding her. It’s bad enough that she didn’t ask me to be her maid-of-honour, as we always promised we would. Just wait until I get married, Lucy. I’m going to ask my sister, too, even if I have to fly her home from Vancouver. At least my sister and I talk once in a while. Lucy’s sister is a bitch. No wonder they’re always at each other’s throats. But she’s the one who’s going to stand next to her up there at the front and I’m demoted to being next in line. That means I have to walk back down the aisle holding the arm of that jerk Ray instead of Doug’s best man, that dreamy Toby. Why Lucy ever gave him up and chose Doug, I’ll never know. In my opinion, neither one will want to be associated with us anyway, wearing those stupid bridesmaid dresses Lucy chose for us to wear. Ugh! Pink with purple cummerbunds. Like I said, bird brained. I know where that dress is going the day after, straight to Amity, if they’ll even take it. Money down the drain and speaking of money, I’m broke.  Three showers and a wedding gift! I’m maxed out. I’d elope when my turn comes if these so called friends of mine didn’t owe me. Better get to sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day. I wonder if Lucy’s asleep yet. I’ll text her and see.

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