Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Lynne did the note taking edited version

Pat, Carol, Bev & Lynne met today.Lynne is trying to get this written and sent before dinner is due to come out of the oven so please forgive the point form and any spelling boo-boos.

New Book News
We critiqued the ending to Pat's third Grand Felice story, Carol's Hwy 17 tale, and Bev's newly titled 'Lovely Storm'.

In terms of progress, Pat has all three of her stories critiqued. Carol is finished all of her stories except for final editing but may add one more if space and time allow.  Bev has two critiqued stories complete, and Lynne has two to edit and return for final read. Gail and Sandy, can you please let us know what you have completed and what you expect to produce in terms of number of stories and word count? (See how well that highlighting works?  Teehee).  Sandy, don't feel pressured to fulfill your word count.  We know that you have been extremely busy, and all agree that we would rather have you be happy with your contribution, no matter what the size, than for you to think we expect more and for you to end up feeling dissatisfied with what you publish. Did that make sense?  I can almost feel the timer creeping up behind me.

At the next meeting we will set a date for our group photo for the back cover.  Lynne will ask Tiffany to take the pictures.  We will all wear either yellow, blue or green clothing.  If possible, bring rubber boots as we are toying with the idea of standing in the river for this one.  Also, bits of summer paraphernalia such as toy boats, beach towels, etc. so we can play a bit.  Sandy, please let us know a few dates during this month that will work for you, and we'll choose one.

Carol has finished her bio and done a wonderful job.  The rest of us still need to do ours.

A reminder about formatting - Times New Roman, 12 pt, single spaced, header on each page showing Title / Surname / page #.  If you are using a photo, please use red font or highlight an indication as to where you want it placed.
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Upcoming Events
- Pat inquired about suitability and table cost at the Midland Buttertart Festival June 13-14
- Carol will look into an event at Norman's after the new book is out, possibly a garden party in August
- Leaves and Literature garden tour on July 11.  Our book will be displayed at the orchard in Thunder Beach
- Probus on July 23.  Carol and Gail will be speaking about writing memoirs

Writing News
Carol has had an article published in the United Church Observer and enjoyed working with the editor.
Lynne is doing a workshop with a Grade 7/8 class on Friday.
Pat and Bev, if you had news please forgive me for missing it.  I didn't write anything down and, well, you all know my memory.  Too bad I don't.

Ding!  And I'm off.

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