Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Carol's notes from May 12 Edited version

 Three of us met today, Gail Pat and Carol.


 Using numbers in your writing:

 If the number is smaller than ten spell it out.
 One word numbers can go either way.
 Two word numerals are always written as numerals unless they are at the beginning of a sentence.

 Decades and centuries are spelled.

 Write really big numbers like this: 400 million.

 First second, third, fourth etc. are always written out.

 This is a sample of a sentence with two numbers in sequence. -- At the party there were seven 13 year olds.


 We have our ISBN # for our new book. Thanks Pat.
 The cover photo has been sent to Volumes with a request for a proof. We chose the wording for the back page.

 Possible dedication : Ink and paper
                               Long may they be with us.

 Pat and Gail each have a recipe associated with one of their stories . We are going to collect the recipes and put them at the end of the book.

 As Pat's stories are linked  we planned to change the book and group the stories by author. The bio would be on a face page followed by the work of that author.


 Pat must have every story by Saturday May 30. She will forward them to Volumes right away. Please send any stories you have now to her as she is ready to receive them.

 Next Tuesday May 19 we will have a photo shoot for the back cover if Tiffany can make it. We thought to take 
the photo at 11A.M.
Pack a lunch to eat at Carol's house and the meeting will follow. Carol is trying to see if we can take the photos at W........ If not how about Tiny Marsh for a change of pace? It is free and accessible. Wear yellow or blue or green or pink( summer colours).

 Bios are due. Pat brought hers in today.


 We critiqued a new story from Gail today. It was so funny we were hard put to read it. Pat has one more short story in her series.



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