Monday, April 14, 2014

Wye Write More Now on Kobo

We are working hard on our next collection of stories.

We're pleased to announce that our latest collection, Wye Write More, is now available for purchase as an e-book on Kobo.  Many of the stories are a perfect length to take along to read in waiting rooms, on public transit or anywhere else where you find yourself looking for an enjoyable way to pass some time.

Here's a sampling of the tales that await:

  • As she turns from the cottage, a woman recalls the lifetime of loving and learning that sustained her.
  • An aging detective tries to prove himself.
  • It is 1942 and flight officer Len Gray is on his way to the front. The married father of two looks to a young waitress for comfort.
  • You hear about bad things happening to children but you never think it can happen to yours.
  • The Maple Leaf Telephone Company had one line on a certain island and the ten island homes each had a telephone on this party line.  
Follow the link below, or visit to purchase your copy now at a third the price of our print version

Wye Write More on Kobo!

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