Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Writing Exercise October 2013... Beverley Goss

When Dad became a father for the sixth time he woke me from a deep  sleep in the early hours of the morning and whispered in my ear so as not to wake the other kids up…” You have a little baby brother!”  I said that is nice and turned over and let my young teenage body go back to my dream filled sleep.  I thought in the morning of what he had whispered the night before.  Another baby brother.  That made four.  Being the eldest and my sister the next in line this meant  eventually spending more time playing with the boys, babysitting and taking them for walks on the property.  Now my dad was not one who ever changed a diaper, or cooked a meal, especially in the early years. But somehow we made it through Mom’s ‘holiday’.  Fern and I were used to doing the cooking and washing up and the laundry. Our Dad was very proud of his family, but Mom by that time had quite enough family with six, so as she put it,  …learned how to keep her knees together and there were no more baby brothers.           Beverley Goss

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