Monday, October 22, 2012

An Exercise

Last April our group did a wonderful exercise to help us become better at thinking of titles for our short stories. We were each given a word and then asked to make as many titles from that word as we could in ten minutes.
The words were: Tomb
My word was Tomb and I came up with some pretty interesting titles. For the homework due at our next meeting we were asked to come up with the first sentence for one title inspired by the each of the five words (one chosen from each member there that day). This was how mine turned out.

The Missing Tomb

The wind blew harshly across the deserted cemetery, whipping fallen leaves against the gravestones that dominated the landscape.

Steel Lace

Lacey McGubbin was a tough woman, some would say she was as hard as steel, stubborn to a fault.

Gum Under the Table

In Midhaven Middle school it was a well-known fact that the students passed messages in the gum under their tables.

Old Tooth, New Tooth

Sammy sat in the uncomfortable chair his mother had placed him in upon their arrival at Dr. Klein’s office.


Sammy sat nervously in Dr. Klein's waiting room, this was his first trip to the dentist and he was afraid they would find so many cavities that all his teeth would need to be removed.

Murder in the Tea Room

It was two o’ clock in the afternoon and the Pride Park tea room was bustling with clientele.

Now you give it a try! Use the words we did or any five you can think of and see how many titles and beginning sentences you can come up with. Good luck!

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