Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello out there to the blogging world!
As you can see this is Wye Write's first post.
I think it would be wise to start off by explaining what Wye Write is. We are a group of six female authors that meet twice a month to share our writing with each other for constructive criticism and feedback. During these meetings we complete ten minute writing exercises that we share with the group and sometimes turn into longer pieces of work.
At one of our meetings we decided to become part of the digital age and create a blog to share our pieces of writing. We will be updating the blog shortly with samplings from each of us.
We hope you all enjoy!

The Members of Wye Write


  1. Even though this says 'no comments' here I go.. Thank you Sandy and Lynne you rock!

  2. It just says 'no comments' because no one had made one yet - it never occurred to me that someone might take it to mean we didn't want any!